Start-up to scale up: Non-Traditional Fundraising for Entrepreneurs and Ministry leaders
Panel Discussion: Presenter: Shantel Hampton, Stephen Brooks

Whether you are launching a new business or looking to scale your existing product or service line, raising capital will be critical to your success. Traditionally, business owners look for investors to secure a bank loan, but you should also consider more innovative ways to raise capital. Leading retail expert, experienced crowd funder and a banking professional will lead the discussion on alternative methods to traditional bank loans and tips on improving their chances for success for the small business owner.

Moderator: Melissa Brown

Ignite your Success
Presenter: Gerald Duran

Were you meant to do something greater than what you are presently doing? Deep inside every one of us is a God planted dream — a desire to do something remarkable with our lives. Something that matters. What would you set out to accomplish if you had all the resources and knew you COULD NOT fail?

Are you ready to take your career or business to the next level. In this powerful talk, you’ll be challenged to rethink how you have approached your dreams, your life and your career.

Learn How To:

• Quit settling for stuck and start choosing God’s success for your life.
• Connect the dots between dreams, purpose, business, success and faith.
• Re-Ignite your dreams.
• Convert your dreams into a vision with an action plan.
• Bounce back from set-backs.
• Get back in the drivers seat.
• Define your purpose.
• Develop a relevant skill-set and a success mindset.
• Create a dream job with a dream income.
• Conquer your circumstances.
• Build a life plan that you control.

This is your time to Ignite Your Success. This is your LifePlan Revolution!

Overcoming Gender Bias in the Marketplace and in Ministry
Presenter: Dr. Deidre Anderson

Women’s struggles to push past biases that have marginalized them date back to biblical times. Perhaps some of the greatest examples in scripture are those women who went against cultural norms and risked being ostracized in order to make their way to Jesus.* Although today’s gender discrimination is more indirect and subtle than it was in the past, it isn’t any less challenging. Gender bias still runs deep in the church and in the marketplace, and has hindered many women by causing them to shrink back from fulfilling their call to lead. In this workshop, we will address the subtle bias issues that confront today’s women in ministry and business, while empowering participants with tools to effectively:
• Navigate their path to success and fulfill their destiny in a gender-biased environment;
• Overcome double standards to dress for success and communicate in an authentic manner;
• Balance their home and work life without toil and guilt.
*Scripture References: Mark 5:25-34; Luke 7:36-50; John 4:1-42

Church Mergers & Multi-sites: The New Normal
Presenter: Wade Burnett 

Multisite churches are increasingly becoming the “new normal” for expanding ministry footprints for today’s churches. This trend is being adapted by many multicultural churches and has captured many in urban settings. Within this movement there are some very identifiable best practices emerging, in this workshop we will help churches develop and implement multisite, merger and multiplication strategies.

Gold and Precious Metals: The Missing Link in Most Investment Portfolios
Presenter: Georgeil Thompson

With the instability of today’s economy, more and more investors are turning towards the oldest, most durable wealth-preserving asset on the planet: gold and other precious metals. Are you interested in investing in precious metals but don’t know where to begin? This workshop will teach you how to invest in Gold and Silver to create a solid Financial Foundation and Future. You will learn:

•The precious metals market and the basics of purchasing gold and silver bullion, if you are a novice.
•The latest news in the precious metals industry and financial markets, unique strategies for diversifying one’s portfolio and more for the savvy investor.

6 Unbreakable Laws of Church Growth
Presenter: Pastor Jerry Lawson 

In a culture where the church’s influence is dwindling and attendance is falling, there are some things every ministry MUST do. These 6 laws of church growth work every time they are tried. Pastor Jerry Lawson shares his knowledge through his own walk in taking a church of less than 100 people in a small town to a multi-campus ministry reaching thousands all over a region.

Think Digital – How to Advance Your Organization Online
Presenter: Jason Caston

This session will teach and explain the importance of an effective digital strategy and give tangible steps in helping organizations advance online. The iChurch Method is a five part method that can help any organization (ministry, business, nonprofit, church, etc..) advance online and give them a global presence. Using Websites (interactive and responsive), Multimedia (online video, podcasting and streaming), eCommerce (online stores and donations), Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube) and Mobile (Text and Apps), each and every organization can develop an online strategy that can reach people all around the world.

5 ways Churches can reach Millennials
Presenter: Pastor Toure Roberts

With nearly 78 million living on the earth today, millennials represent the largest generation in the US history, but today, only 15 percent consider themselves Christians. In this workshop you will learn how Pastor Toure Roberts has taken a modern approach to faith in making his church relevant and appealing to millennials. Pastor Roberts will discuss what he calls “his modern expression of contemporary faith,” and will outline 5 strategic ways your church can reach this emerging generation.

Faith Ministries Alliance Executive Roundtable (Senior Pastors Only)
Presenter: Dr. Bill Winston
A private executive roundtable for Senior Pastors with Dr. Bill Winston. Dr. Winston will share wisdom and key insights gleaned from over 20 years in ministry and provide an opportunity for questions and answers for attendees.

The State of Entrepreneurship: a Kingdom Perspective
Presenter: Deloris Thomas

Many have embraced entrepreneurship as the vehicle to transform their lives and families. Now we need to go to the next level! We must move past creating our own jobs to pursue Kingdom initiatives. Attend this workshop to gain an understanding of how to create a business model focused on using your calling and purpose to build and expand the Kingdom.