Stephen Brooks

Steve Brooks was born in Tottenham North London, United Kingdom, in the early sixties. Steve is the middle child of three boys. His father was a London bus driver and his mother worked in a stationery factory.

After graduating comprehensive school at age 16, Steve worked in a bank then an insurance company – both of which he hated. He found his way into retail and worked for a major high street chain before moving into sales. He found his true vocation in selling, and soon realized he had a natural flair for doing a deal. Working for a beverage company and the local newspaper he grew to love selling and was headhunted to help start up a sales business that would pull all his retail and selling skills together. Within 12 months Steve had purchased the business outright and went on to create and sell several companies with what has become his area of expertise. Retail Concessions, Access Point, & RB Media are all still in existence to this day and operate in the specialty leasing, coaching and marketing industries.

More recently in 2016, Steve launched the USA division of his UK business, Fresh Out of Home Media. In the UK “Fresh” manages 11 shopping malls, coaches and facilitates retail clients’ growth. In the USA “Fresh” is already working with a variety of clients, building pop up strategies, implementing exciting coaching programs and delivering retail expertise.

Steve now has over 30 years experience working in the UK and European retail shopping centre industry, coaching start-ups, existing and or failing businesses. His speciality is in assisting his clients to generate income from third-party activity through pop up retail either from mall areas or pop up shops. Steve has coached businesses large and small and his clients include Sir Richards Branson’s Virgin Media, Visa® and SkyTv®. He is an author of several books, speaker and coach on his specialist subject.