Prayer Confession Missions & Marketplace Conference

Prayer Confession Missions & Marketplace Conference
April 21, 2017 – April 22, 2017

Father God, we lift before you Missions and Marketplace Conference. We pray that the Kingdom of God will come in a demonstration of the Spirit and power. May signs, wonders & miracles confirm the word in every meeting. We pray for the eradication of poverty and lack, the sick healed, every captive set free, every mind renewed, every life transformed, and the unsaved in attendance to call upon the name of Jesus and become saved.

Father, may revelation knowledge flow through every speaker that will cause the hearers to prosper and have good success. Impart great faith and give them wisdom and direction from above that will exalt them and bring them to honor and favor with God and men. Impart spiritual truths and principles thatempower the hearers to get massive amounts of wealth, and divine strategies that bring great increase, create jobs, and open doors for business opportunities that no man can shut. Bring forth abundant resources, promotions, and a flourishing kingdom economy.

We declare over 1,000 paid on-site registrations, and over 5,000 paid online viewers. We declare that the Missions and Marketplace conference is covered by the blood of Jesus and free from all schemes, distractions, and plots of the devil. We bind any demonic activity against the speakers, their possessions, travel schedules, transportation, health, meals and sleeping accommodations. We bind the spirit of witchcraft, sorcery, divination, distraction and Baal. We loosen the spirit of truth, wisdom, revelation, the mind of Christ and our angels to make this conference highly successful. We declare the budget met before the 1 st day of the conference, and all needs abundantly supplied.

Holy Spirit draw multitudes to fill every meeting and workshop to capacity. May every aspect of these meetings be done in a spirit of excellence and may the tangible glory of God fill the services. We praise you for the abundant supply for every need. We thank you that the Missions & Marketplace Conference is a complete success, in Jesus’ name, Amen!