About Us

The 2017 Missions and Marketplace Conference will cause a significant shift in the marketplace by empowering its attendees to reshape the culture in the marketplace.

Among other topics, our conference will focus on current issues affecting arts and entertainment, political and social justice, technology, innovation, church growth, and 21st Century leadership. Our speakers are top men and women in business, media, and ministry who are changing the culture around them. They will download to those attending a wealth of personal insights and experiences.

God had to place Joseph in the right environment to trigger the anointing that brought forth, through him, the most powerful economy of his day.  The same will be said about this conference. Through much prayer and planning, the 2017 Missions and Marketplace conference will be the right place for every attendee to receive the empowerment they need to take them to the top of their industry… and transform it.

Come expecting to be changed and, I guarantee, you will be.


Dr. Bill Winston