As Matthew 11:19 says, “God’s wisdom…is shown to be true by its results” (Good News Translation). God strategically positions us in the marketplace to not only bring His compassion but also, through our work performance, demonstrate His wisdom and ultimately His influence.

In these last of the “Last Days,” according to the Scriptures, we will experience an outpouring of God’s wisdom and witness explosive inventions that can only be compared with God’s original Creation. And this outpouring will come through the Church, the Body of Christ. It will not be the intellectual, technological, or scientific wisdom taught at universities. It will be the wisdom that only the Holy Spirit teaches. It’s the wisdom that established Daniel to counsel the Babylonian government, and Joseph to bring forth the most powerful economy the world had ever seen, which brought them both to prominence and marketplace leadership.

In the Faith and the Marketplace book, you will learn how to apply your faith in the marketplace to achieve “ten times better” results or performance in whatever your field or endeavor. This success can happen in the life of every believer once they find their place of grace (purpose) and understand kingdom principles.

Every Christian serving in the marketplace needs a teacher, someone to bring an understanding of “how to” apply the Scriptures in their everyday situations. In the Faith and the Marketplace book, you will see clearly that this “divine partnership” of kings (those working in the marketplace) and priests (clergy and five-fold ministry) in these last days is not an option. If the Church is to preserve humanity, destroy poverty at its roots, and turn society from its path of self-destruction this partnership is a requirement. Revelation 1:6 states, “”And hath made us (the church) kings and priests unto God…”

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