If marketplace leaders (kings) are to optimize their performance and have amazing results in their given assignments and professions, they’ll need someone graced with spiritual acumen and discernment to teach and speak the words of the kingdom into their lives, and to impart to them the divine guidance and wisdom required for them to succeed. This someone (a priest) is anointed by God to be a part of that marketplace leader’s arsenal to WIN IN THE MARKETPLACE.

This priest receives “inside information” from God to assist leaders in making right decisions that will result in the highest and supreme good for their businesses, schools, industries, communities, and nations.

Even non-Christians understand the principle of a spiritual advisor.  For example, several multi-national companies hire Vedic astrologers to make predictions in the stock market and in new business ventures, and to offer astro-tips in financial management. Why? They are seeking information and solutions on a supernatural level to give them a competitive advantage to win in the marketplace.

My point is, even those who don’t know Jesus Christ understand that we don’t live and conduct business in just a natural environment, but also a spiritual one. They even realize that the realm of the spirit is more powerful than our physical world, and actually controls the realm of the natural. Like divine wisdom, supernatural wealth, THE BLESSING, and God’s favor, the anointing of the priest is a covenant gift to kingdom marketplace leaders. The priest is to help kings succeed in business or marketplace matters, mainly by taking them beyond the boundary of the natural or the intellect.

Examples of the priest’s service to the king are shared throughout the Bible: Melchizedek, the “priest of the Most High God,” who reminded Abraham to tithe after Abraham had slaughtered the enemy and took the spoils; Nathan, the prophet, who the Lord sent to King David to speak with him about his adulterous affair with Bathsheba, and to call him to repentance, “Thou art the man”; or the Levite priest who spoke prophetically to King Jehoshaphat, and all of Israel, giving them inside information to the outcome of an impossible-to-win battle. He told them how they were to fight it, declaring “the battle is not yours, but God’s.” In each case, it involved a realm above this natural, physical world— the world of the spirit.

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