God isn’t a God of neck and neck finishes. God never intended for His people to just compete in life, but instead to dominate the competition because of the way He has blessed His children. Regardless of our realm of everyday existence in our daily lives – whether it be in business or arts and entertainment or ministry – God has given us influence. We are created for influence.

God never intended His people be those who are looking for handouts. But rather, He wants us to take possession of whatever mountain He has placed in front of us, receiving it in faith. But here’s the thing. When we dominate, God has said we must do it without compromise, winning the right way without looking for the rules to be changed in order for us to win according to what we may perceive to be a fixed worldly system.

If we do that, we are going to be favored and it’s not even going to be close. You see, God wants for us to be undisputed champions. Romans 8:37 says, In all things, we are more than conquerors through Him that loved us. Today, God is calling His church to stand apart from the world and to take ownership of the fact that His church is the most influential institution in the world – ever. God has given us influence to dominate rather than just compete, carrying out the mission that He had for us while creating distance between the Church and the rest of the worldly competition.

That has, after all, always been God’s game plan. “God never intended for there to be a close race between you and second place,” Living Word Christian Center Senior Pastor Bill Winston said Friday night during the final session of the Missions & Marketplace Conference. “God never intended us to be neck and neck at the finish line.” As we strive lawfully, as 2 Timothy 2:5 says, people are going to notice a difference between the way we operate and the way the world operates. God has put a Blessing on us that is going to differentiate us from the rest of the competition and is going to give us favor as we look to dominate and begin to take ownership of the mountains He has given us.

But we have to do it God’s way. Too many times today, Winston said Friday, Believers have gotten too close to the world and have started to think as the world thinks. But because God has called His people to be undisputed champions, He wants His children to dominate the competition and not become part of it. As we begin to dominate whether in business or ministry or in arts and entertainment, God has not called us to depend on the system, but to instead, move away from it as we rely on the level of anointing that He has put on His people.

That’s where The Blessing enters our plan for dominating. The Blessing, which God has put on us, gives us supernatural favor and supernatural increase and supernatural dominion. God is telling you that once The Blessing is on you, you are going to have reign over anybody from any nation, in any area of influence or industry and God wants you to say, “Give me this mountain.” And here’s the thing. It’s not even going to be close. “God did not promise you second place,” Winston said. “He is going to make you the head, not the tail.”

Now the only question is: Are you ready to be an undisputed champion, knowing that’s what God intended? If so, get ready to finish strong, believing that at the end, you’re going to win by a mile.